Songfight UK Live 2004

I'm back from the gig. 20 musicians comprising 5 bands and a few friends, playing for 20 minutes each.

I met up with Nick beforehand - It was great to see each other again. I'd forgotten how much I missed his company. We met the other bands at the studio - Johnny Cashpoint (who was also the compare), Masters of Grip, and Pompeii (incorporating Mother Funker). Nick and I were the one man bands - Kamakura and, of course, Kapitano.

Johnny Cashpoint played first, a kind of camp electric folk.

Then Kamakura, who was especially nervous but played piano and guitar with skill under his singing.

I was number three, requiring the least onstage preparation with just a CD of backing tracks that I'd put together to sing over. I overacted a bit, was occasionally off key, and had to improvise some lyrics when I forgot them.

The Masters of Grip were straight ahead well performed rock.

The set list was alphabetical, but the order worked with Pompeii rocking out at the end. Doggeral lyrics, excellent unpretentious musicianship, and a lot of energy.

We'd each written a song specially for the event, and voted for the one we liked best - JC won.

Then, after the obligatory jam where we all improvised together for half an hour, most went home. JC, his boyfriend Des, two members of Masters of Grip, Nick and myself went to JC's flat for tea, pizza and a long chat about music.

Nick couldn't stay overnight, which made me feel sad. I slept over in JC's spare bedroom, and in the morning taked with JC and Steve from MoG about epistemology and genetic determinism.

Three of us filmed the gig, and there's a loose agreement to edit together a video from the footage. I've played back my own footage, and I look hideous on stage. Just fat and lumpy. I didn't realise it was that bad.

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