A date and a gig

I haven't updated in the last few days because everything is in transition.

H and I spent the day together on Saturday, and it was great. The spark between us is still there. I still find him stimulating, attractive, and pleasant to be with. And miraculously he feels the same about me.

I'm happy to sit, talk, watch a video and cuddle indoors, but H likes to go out. He likes to visit venues, eat in resteraunts, and see new things on a date - which is a problem in this town. Portsmouth is supposed to be a tourist attraction; It just doesn't have much attraction or many tourists. However, we managed.

This won't be an easy relationship. We're both short of money, he's a busy man, his health is quite precarious, and there's emotional baggage to deal with on both sides. It won't be easy, but it's worth it. We're trying to take it slow and careful.

One thing. H is getting over a relationship with someone he can't have, but cares for very deeply. I still care for D, though I no longer think about him all the time. I can understand what H is thinking and feeling. Neither of us will ever be completely out of love with these people.

At the end of the day, we just a sat and hugged for maybe half an hour. No groping, few words, and a few tears at the end. It felt magical.

We're meeting in the next few days, but it's not certain when.

Elsewhere in my life, my first 'proper' gig is less than a week away. Travel and accommodation arrangements are - of course - being made at the last moment. Anna doesn't want to come up to London to see me perform (I didn't think she would), so I'll ask Gareth.

I would have asked H, but he's got a ticket for the fabulous Scissor Sisters on that day! I'm pleased he's a fan too, and a little envious.

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