Drink up

What effect does alchohol have? It's a muscle relaxant, breakdown products inhibit higher cognitive functions including the formation of new memories, and it depletes glucose. That's more or less it.

What are it's alleged other effects? Turning shy people into gregarious people, making people lose control of all emotional control, creating violent impulses while removing the ability to resist them.

Did you punch someone last night? Don't worry, it wasn't you, it was the alchohol. Did a friend spend the entire night insulting you? Just forget it, he doesn't believe anything he said, it was the drink talking. Did your libido override all conditioning? Were you deluded that all your jokes were hilarious? Did you metamorphose into a shameless exhibitionist? Drink has all these effects. Apparantly.

Alchohol, it seems, can completely change your personality. It can make you do things, like an evil spirit possessing you. It is both a highly psychoactive drug with a neverending list of effects, and a malevalent force with a conciousness of it's own.

No. Alchohol is the great excuse. People who become violent under the influence are those raised with violence, those who cry into their beer are depressed before they drink it, and the stupid, hurtful, hateful things your best friend said to you, he genuinely believes.

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