The Book of Job, Chapter 2

The university need someone to teach four lessons in basic photoshop use - one hour per week. Usually this wouldn't be a problem, but as of this month, three new dictates come into force:

(1) There are to be no part time workers. All existing part timers have been sacked.
(2) There can be no new employees. Any new tasks or jobs are to be farmed out to existing employees.
(3) Support must not do any teaching at all.

One of the smaller upshots of this is that no one can teach the introductory photoshop course, because none of the existing staff have both the time and the right to do so.

Mark S is persuading the course leader to bend the rules and employ me for four hours over a month. Mark is quite good at making managerial types understand the blindingly obvious. I'm grateful that he's trying on my behalf, because I could use the work, and because I'm not nearly so patient with idiots.

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