Oh Mr Darcy!

Four days since the last entry. And I was promising myself to update more often.

I went out with H on Wednesday. I wasn't feeling on top form intellectually, so wasn't able to make the conversation very meaningful or original, but being with him was pleasant. We saw a film - 'Pride and Prejudice'. It's a British-Indian film, based loosely on Jane Austin's book, telling of the loves and marriages of three Indian sisters. The central sister is at first incensed by, then falls for, the handsome but undiplomatic American Mr Darcy.

It was all good fun, with pseudo-bollywood musical numbers and some right-on satire, and H enjoyed it immensely. Walking back, he suggested I follow him into teaching as a profession, which would probably entail getting some more A-Level's this year, and teacher training next year. It's a possibility.

We weren't able to go to his room, but it felt good to hug him goodbye outside the place where he's staying. It's odd how I've had so much so much meaningless sex in the last 15 years, but when I'm in a relationship - with D or H - it's just satisfying to be together, hold hands, talk and hug.

One odd coincidence. I knew Gareth was doing teacher training, but I didn't realise he'd be in the same class as H. H says he hasn't made any friends here apart from me yet, and while in a way I'd quite like to keep him for myself, I hope he finds good company, including Gareth.

We'll meet again on Tuesday, for another film, and more of everything else.

PS. I need a place to be private and comfortable with H, which means a place of my own, which means moving out (again) from my parents, which means (somehow) getting a decent job. Or, failing, that, a half-decent job.

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