Who am I? (Part 1)

I'm the kind of person who's got the following five films waiting to be watched on his hard drive:

Phase IV - classic scifi about ants preparing to take over the world.

There are plenty of films about the end of the world. There's lots of films about what happens to the survivors after the end of the world. These often have zombies in them.

But Phase IV is about the events leading up to the end, without showing the end itself. Which makes it a film about what's going to happen.

The Party - Plotless, slightly racist Peter Sellars comedy about a bumbling Indian guy being clumsy at a sophisticated dinner party.

Lost Highway - Dreams, fantasies, femme fatales, 1950s smalltown America, guns, cars, gangsters, screwed up families, and a storyline like a moebius strip.

Yes, it's a David Lynch movie. Specifically, it's the version of Mulholland Drive which he made before Mulholland Drive, a film held together by a lesbian love story that was added as an afterthought in postproduction shooting.

I love David Lynch's movies. I don't understand them, I don't drink his coffee, I think his Transcendental Meditation is a load of rubbish...but his films are great.

Silence - A film by Ingmar Bergman. And that's absolutely all I know about it. But I do have a vague feeling I should have seen more than one Ingmar Bergman film in my life.

Cannibal Holocaust - Depending who you ask, it's an utterly disgusting piece of degrading schlock, or one of the greatest horror films ever made. Or possibly both. I'll know when I've seen it. Probably.

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