Suite Love

That film studies course. Which was actually called "Historical and Theoretical Studies", a name only exceeded in vagueness by the degree course it led into, "Visual Culture".

Anyway, it involved watching:

  • Jean-Luc Picard Goddard's "Weekend" - or rather, the famous ten minute long tracking shot of a traffic jam.

  • Fran├žois Truffaut's "Jules et Jim" - a bromance movie from before the word existed. Two men who are obviously in one kind of love or another, channeling it through a woman.

  • Citizen Kane. Which I think is more interesting to watch as a composition exercise than a story.

I of course spent most of my time messing around with the antiquated video editing facilities, and here's the second experiment. The music is the "Three Fingers" version of The Art of Noise's famous "Moments in Love", and the visuals are...a lot of home taped documentaries, grabbed at random the night before.

No Goddard, Truffaut or Welles, though.

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