On Hold

I was supposed to leave today.

That is, leave home, leave the UK, and leave state benefits for a job teaching arabs who want to learn American for business...but would rather learn it from a Britisher. Because Brits are seen as more refined than Yanks. The persistence of this small bit of student snobbery is largely what sustains the British ESL business.

However, there's been a small bureaucratic delay - of about four weeks. It seems the paperwork involved in setting up a business can't be processed at the same time as the paperwork for the visas of the employees of that business.

There's probably a reason for this rule which sound perfectly good if you don't think about it. But whatever the reason, I'm stuck here for another month - which on the one hand means I can learn a bit more Arabic and listen to a few more podcasts, and on the other...I can't do much more.

That's the thing about free time. You only have enough energy to fill a certain amount of it.

All the packing is planned, the least uncomfortable work clothes are pressed, I've got six months worth of diabetes pills, and a terabyte of movies, music and ebooks ready to go. But my guitar won't quite fit into my travelcase - typical.


  1. @David: Always good advice.

    Sometimes I think of looking for a boyfriend. Then I realise I just want to suck someone off without having to leave the house.

  2. Is that a 6 neck guitar? I keep re-counting as I can't see the point of it ... but it still looks like 6 necks. Hmm. Explanation, please.

    Captcha: slypen. Gollum's bedsit.

    Anonymouse Camy

  3. Yes, it's a six-neck guitar. And I don't see the point either.

    But I have seen Bill Bailey play one on youtube. With commenters complaining that only someone with the mother of all rock god delusions would have such a device.

    It seems some commenters were too stupid to realise Bill Bailey is a commedian.

    But isn't there a small part of you - the part which thinks double necked guitars are cool - that would like to rock out with a sexaguitar?

    The part, presumably, with twelve very long arms.