Weekend Woundup 4

Winding up the weekend with awuther weekend woundup. The weeks stuff fwom the sidebwog. Fwom Wapitano.

"It doesn't know how I take my coffee.
It doesn't care how I play my part.
It doesn't care about truth or lies and it
Never gives any good advice.
It doesn't care if I'm suicidal,
consideration for my precious hide.
It doesn't give a damn if I stand or fall and it's
Got a beat that says it all."
- Ashbury Heights, Decent Cancer

"I am the shepherd,
and the wolf."
- Covenant, I am

"Never mind the conclusions, what's the evidence?"
- Mark Lieberman, Language Log

Most arguments about morality are really about money. All are about power.

All the great questions were settled a century or more ago. It's just that no one's been listening above the sound of their own opinions.

All the debates of any given moment are clearly settled as soon as they arise, by a small number of clear minded thinkers. But a settled debate sells no newspapers, and understanding clear thinking requires a clear head.

Suicide is a problem, right?

Who exactly is it a problem for?

Suicide prevention is a good thing, yes?

Who is it good for?

It may be that there are no moral issues at all, that every moral question has an empirical solution, and every moral conundrum is the result of insufficient evidence or insufficient rigour.

Every intelligent person defines their intelligence by the stupidity they see through.

"Editors have an uncanny ability to find what you feel is most important, and cut it out."
- Claude Chabrol

"Conservatives can do without a god, but they can't get through the day without a devil. Their entire model of reality revolves around the existence of an existential enemy who's out to annihilate them. Take that focal point away, and their whole worldview collapses into incoherence. This need is so central to their thinking that if there are no actual enemies around, they'll go to considerable lengths to make some (or just make some up)."
- Sara Robinson

A bad movie and a badly made movie. The former makes you a worse person, the latter the same person - just in a worse mood.

The more I try, the more I find out what I can't do. Anyone who thinks this is useless information has never tried to do anything.

When I'm 20 I know what I like. When I'm 40 I know why I like it.

It is possible to be mistaken about whether you're feeling pleasure? No. Is it possible to be mistaken about whether you enjoy doing something? Most definitely.

"I enjoyed that movie". "That was a good movie". Learn to completely seperate the two before you pronounce on either.

Anyone who thinks "be yourself" is good advice is unclear on who they are.

Right and wrong only apply to behaviours which affect other people.

"It is tough to be modern; the difficulty of being modern makes it easy for individuals to be restless and anxious; restlessness and anxiety lead to fear; fear converts freely into hate; hate very easily takes on political form; political hate assists in the creation of real threats such as the atomic bomb and guided missiles, which are not imaginary threats at all; the reality of the threats seems to confirm the reality of the hate which led to it, thus perpetuating a cycle of insecurity, fear, hate, armament, insecurity, fear, and on around the circle again and again."
- Cordwainer Smith


  1. I see someone is in an Elmer Fudd mood. Are you chasing a wabbit?

    Most arguments about morality are really about money. All are about power.


    Anyone who thinks "be yourself" is good advice is unclear on who they are.

    Love this one.

  2. Did you know 'wabbit' is an actual word? It's an adjective meaning 'feeling sick in the stomach'.

    So that's what asprin does - kills the wabbit.

    (Captcha: Preigain, which sound like a brand of painkiller)