The Magic Number

Three unimportant, unrelated, and unworthy announcements:

First, today is 10/10/10. The perfect ten, you might say. Like Floor 13, avenue 666, people being 100 years old and being the millionth customer, there's no mystery about it - just keep counting and you'll get there eventually.

But I'm disappointed there's no numerologist claiming it means the end of the world or the dawn of a new age. From what I read, all the cranks are too busy campaigning for the American mid-term elections.

Second, it is now possible to have sex with your laptop.

Technology, capitalism and sex - the unholy trinity.

Third, NaNoWriMo is on the horizon again, and I have a vague impulse to do something about it again. I get a lot of vague impulses. Does that make me vague or impulsive?


  1. A laptop dildo? As if people don't all ready waste enough time online looking at porn?

    Is it Window compatible? Will there be a need to update drivers? And what's the risk of getting electrocuted during a lightning storm?

  2. @Eroswings: As if people don't all ready waste enough time online looking at porn?

    The strange thing about flicking through computer porn can do it for a solid hour before realising you're not remotely turned on.

    Is it Window compatible?

    They should charge an extra $10 for the 'Windows 7 Compatible' version.

  3. Hmm. Is it wrong that I just counted male erogenous zones...and came to seven? Except three of them I don't know the names of.

    ANYWAY, thanks for that - it's the most of a Friends episode I think I've ever watched.

    (Apart from the Smelly Cat song.)

  4. Splendid! And if it could be multi-function it would be even better. Say Vibrator/500gb vibe-drive/universal remote. :)

    (Captcha=felsch which is rather too close for comfort to felch).

  5. It gives a new meaning to 'external hard drive'.

    (Captcha: Slogine, which is presumably another word for 'thong')