The Meaning of Silence

There's a kind of communication paralysis, where you've got plenty to say, but you're afraid to say anything because your listeners might not understand, or be interested, or be sympathetic. I've had that recently.

Put it another way. If you met me professionally and heard I had a blog, you'd probably assume it was about linguistics and language teaching. If you were at the last band practice, you'd think it must be about music technology. If you lived with me, you'd think it was about politics and philosophy. And maybe some sex.

I haven't been writing about these things because I was quite sure anyone who drops by regularly won't want to read about why the infinitive is probably a myth, or how to build a glitch unit, or why rescuing 33 trapped miners is a PR campaign which just happens to be the right thing to do.

Or how I got two absolutely fantastic blowjobs yesterday. That would be totally boring.

Result: The more there is to say, the less gets said. And that situation is just plain silly.

So, I'd like to start communicating again by introducing you to one of my alter egos.

This is Kronsteen. He's a superspy and chess master, one of the villains of the second James Bond movie. He's played by Vladek Sheybal, a polish actor who spent most of his english-speaking career playing criminal masterminds and suspiciously enigmatic east europeans. Mr Sheybal was a consumate scene stealer, and I've a lot of time for him.

My version of Kronsteen is a music technlogy buff, living on internet forums. He spent the last week working on over 450 exotic waves to modulate synthesiser parameters.

The week before he spent simplifying synth architecture to the eleven commonly useful amplitude and filter envelopes. This month he's started making instructional youtube videos - though seems to have lost his Polish accent somehow.

Because net identities tend to overlap, some of his work appears on my other blog. Sqriblz is just a place to keep song lyrics, short stories, tabulated numbers for music production...and an esperanto rhyming dictionary one of us put together.

I have a third identity for the sex...but that's for maybe another time.


  1. May I suggest Kronsteen as your blog avatar?

  2. Speaking for myself, I enjoy reading whatever you have to say... even if I have no clue why synthesisers need exotic waves.

    Are we to assume that your sex identity also has a name beginning with K?