Streetwise Sunday - Beanz Meanz Findz Edition

Today's thing found on the street is...

Two tins of baked beans! I found these on a wall, in a plastic bag. Which brand are they? Actually they seem to be no brand at all - on the other side, where you'd expect to find a brand name is an advert for a local computer shop. Isn't sponsorship wonderful?

A few metres away from where I took the beans out to photograph them, there was a man falling over...and just lying there, groaning. He had a scraggly beard, a tattered coat, and a can of beer - yes, one of the homeless people our government says don't exist. A 'gentleman of the street' as my grandmother used to say.

After a few attempts, I helped him stand up - for which he was effusively grateful for a good five minutes. Maybe he was looking for a way to tap me for some money, or perhaps he really was just as astonished as he seemed that anyone would help him. We exchanged names - I lied and I think so did he - before he went back to sitting outside the church with his beer, and I went home with half the recipe for beans on toast.

Now I just need to walk along the street till I find a tin opener.

1 comment:

  1. I fully expect to find tins of beans on every street corner when I visit England.

    You know it's the food expats crave most?