Streetwise Sunday - Fat of the Land Edition

I was feeling thirsty, so I was hurrying home for a nice cup of boiled leaves with a squirt of cowjuice. And what did I find?

It wasn't exactly chilled, and it wasn't exactly a cup of tea, but it was wet and sugary like a romantic comedy, and I didn't have to hurry anymore.

Later on, after being stood up on a date (Huh!), I was wandering home feeling vaguely dejected and thinking I'd be cheered up by a big bag of deep fried potato slices sprinkled with a sodium compound and a stale fermentation product. And wishing there were some healthier alternative, when I saw this sitting on the wall.

So I got the bag of chips and had it as dessert.


  1. Uh... that Pepsi that you picked up looks like it had been opened. If that is the case... eeeeeewwwww, WTF?!

  2. Yes, it was half drunk, and I had the other half. But I sniffed it first.

    At school there were kids who'd urinate in half-drunk coke cans and try to fool you into drinking the result. I found ways to surruptitiously (sp?) pour half away and pretend to have drunk it.

    Watching their anguished wails of "Eurgh! Gross! How could you?!" was quite entertaining.

    (Captcha: frucooka. Nice.)

  3. I hope the bacteria in the yogurt were strong enough to take out any bacteria from the Pepsi!

    I haven't drank soda regularly in years--on the very few occasions that I've had some, when there was nothing else to drink, I found it tasted weird, unsatisfying. Guess I got used to drinking just water and the non-carbonated stuff.

    I found a bag of cheese curls that supposedly expired two months ago. I opened them and ate them--they were just as crunchy and cheesy as any other cheese curls I've had.