Stuff. And Nonsense.

Some things I have:

  • Half an hour's worth of backing music for a gig in a week.
  • A gig in a week.
  • A strange curiosity to drink insanely strong coffee, just to see how it makes me feel, even though I don't like strong coffee.
  • A student doesn't think to phone to say he can't have a lesson today because he's ill.
  • Another student who's never less than half an hour late, and always assumes it's not a problem.
  • A visceral loathing of all police officers.
  • An absolutely adorable five month old puppy who looks suspiciously like a gremlin.
  • Something like twenty years worth of old software in boxes, waiting to be catalogued or thrown away.

Here is...a sample of two of those things, which don't go together at all:

1 comment:

  1. Most cops are actually pretty good at protecting the public and keeping people safe. It's just a few of those idiots who abuse power that make the rest look bad. But that's human nature, there're always a few bad ones that give the rest a bad rap.

    Great vid! Good tunes to go with the clip. Have fun at the gig!