I often hear musian rustlings and scamperings around the room, but I don't often get to see the mice themselves - they're quite shy.

So a few days ago I left a pile of biscuit crumbs on my desk, and my phone camera pointed at them. Here's the result, with the backing track to a cover song I've been working on...about eating.

Cute? Or disgusting?


  1. I've grown up on a farm and have had to deal with all sorts of unpleasant things so while I may not cringe at the idea of mice running around, I will still side on disgusting. They're only cute when they are in a cage or drawn by Disney.

  2. They may look cute, but they're still filthy, disgusting, disease carrying critters who spread deadly disease and destroy crops!

    Get your brother's cat!

    Great track by the way.

  3. @David:

    I don't find them unpleasant at all, but I take your point.

    Maybe I should get a cage for them? :-)


    So we're not fond of mice here? Okay - time to break out the ultrasonic repellents.

    Our dogs were originally bred as ratcatchers - so how do you think they cope with mice? They just bark. Nervously.

    Glad you like the track. Since uploading it's gone through a key change, some restructuring and other jigging and poking.

    Performing it on Friday, getting it recorded by a professional soundman - who is apparantly also a sound man - so eventually we should have a copy.