4 and Sore

How do you celebrate your blogiversary? Starting at midnight?

How about long, slow and mutual gustatory carnal pleasuring with a man you've just met? In an actual bed, no less - a step up in the world from your parent's back garden.

Followed by tea (because we're British), biscuits (because there's nothing like Hob-Knobs after Gobbling-Knobs), more love'n'shove (because we can), and sleep (because we're knackered).

Then in the morning, more long, slow etc. etc., followed by more tea, more biscuits, and the swapping of phone number so we can do it again soon.

And on the way home, blinking in the early light, a call from another bloke who's "free for fun" around midnight. The straight-but-prefers-the-way-men-give-blowjobs type.

Friday was my last day at work - also the last for most of the teachers and almost all the students. So you can imagine how serious and earnest the lessons were.

Nothing to do except clear up the remains of two leaving parties, drink tea (because, well....), and hold a particularly ill-tempered meeting - before going off to look for a new job.

You'd think someone who's spent their life running language schools would know better than to say, "The English don't speak English properly". That's a bit like saying "Swans don't swim properly. They should do it like the book says they do".

Spent the evening watching rather too many episodes of Star Trek, while eating lentil soup (because I'm trying to stay on a high fibre diet) followed by chocolate biscuits (because I'm not trying very hard) and then, before you know it...

...it's midnight, and there's time for one more nice surprise.

He's late, which is neither nice nor a surprise, but he's horny as a goat on horny goat weed, and feeling experimental.

Bloke: How can I turn you on, Kapitano?
Kap: Um, well you could try sucking my cock?
Bloke: Okay, let's try that!

So he tentatively tries it, and finds that, really, he likes it. Let me rephrase that. He tries it, and an hour later decides he really really likes it.

And an hour after that, although I'm very pleased for him that he's discovered a new source of joy, I'm dropping hints that it's cold and I'll need to sleep soon. That and I've got stubble burn on my scrotum and love bites on my inner thigh.

Oh just another five minutes, please, he says. So another forty minutes later I finally take his new toy away from him, because it's just a bit sore.

Oh just one more minute, please. Honestly, I am such a sucker. Um, yes.

So this is Kapitano, marking four years of blogging, with tea, chocolate biscuits, a new friend with old skills, and old friend with new skills, no job, no immediate plans, and several red patches...signing off. Till tomorrow.


  1. Would dunking your bits in cold tea be soothing at this point?

    Or would you prefer to continue teabagging?

    Pass the HobNobs.

  2. I see by your avatar that this midnight session has rejuvenated you.

  3. Ah, more beautifully couched trials and tribulations. What better way to celebrate your auspicious 4th.

    Mj's right. Dunking it in cold tea might help. ;)

  4. Sounds like a good time ... why not celebrate monthly?