Batty Man

Yesterday I had eleven students, today I had five, and tomorrow I have two. The big summer influx of eager young learners looks to be over.

So, two students for three hours. Oh, and I'm required to give them an exam - or "progress check" as we professional educators call it. No one's ever going to look at the results, but I have to give it.

After that I sit at the back of a seminar on "Error Correction" - which is like "error correction" but capitalised and with extra jargon. And then I get told whether I spend next week "on call" (ie jobless) or not.

65% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou

We saw Batman Begins. Actually the entire school saw it. But the students had pieces of paper with questions about the plot, so it was an English comprehension exercise. Honest.

I discussed it with my five remaining students, and we quickly decided Bruce Wayne is a sociopath. Together with every other character in the movie. But he's alone and kills all the other sociopaths who're in groups, which makes him a Hero.

Some years ago when I read Alex Cox's contention that a cinematic Hero is simply a lone thug on the side of whichever group you support, I was dubious. But having seen seven years worth of neo-con wank fantasies (aka post-9/11 parables) I reckon he's got a point.


  1. I'm only 39% geek.

    I'll never catch up to you at this rate.

  2. Ha! 69% Geek, and all because I know Ferengi have large ears, and Smaug was a dragon. Daft.

  3. I too got points for the Ferengis but also for the fact that I won the spelling bee every year.