Move on, Nothing to See

There's two reasons to neglect your blog:
(1) Have nothing interesting to blog about
(2) Have a lot of interesting things blog about but be too busy doing it to blog about doing them

However, as a marxist, I've found a dialectical unity of the opposites: Be too busy doing things too boring to blog about to blog about them even if they weren't too boring to blog.

But I did get to write a little song, provisionally titled "TV" until I can come up with something better.

Verse 1:
Break, wake
Dark familiar
Lie, stare
Quiet warm
Dreams fade
Numbers glowing red
Time four five six
Creep out of bed

This is the future
Tomorrow's been and gone
Sit and watch the old films
Stand and sing the old songs
This was the future
Can't quite remember when
Life on endless replay
What's old is old again

Verse 2:
Click, flip
Thousand channels
Smile, stare
Lost again
Dreams begin
Numbers glowing green
Channel six oh one
Eyes on the screen

Watch this space to see what I do with it. If the laptop stops crashing.

95% of the internet had just been rendered redundant. This is how.

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  1. Or you can be like Tony.... get so preoccupied with downloading Dr Who and Torchwood and forget you have a blog.