Cemetary and Seminary

A lot happened today, most of it bad. Rather than rant boringly on the details, here's the important points:

* I don't want to work for people who tell me different lies every day, and they don't want to employ someone as highly stung as me unless there's absolutely no one else available.

* I have an interview for another school on Friday - and wlll be contacting more.

* My "jobsearch advisor" (dole officer) thinks I only get jobs to avoid going on government training schemes. Yes, that's what she says.

And on a lighter note:

* I have now twice in my life got lost in graveyards.

I have discovered a new source of spiritual uplift - the Christian Newswire. I learn things here that I wouldn't learn anywhere else.

Did you know for instance, that Arnold Schwartzenegger, Wells Fargo and the president of Brazil are part of the international homosexual movement? Or that being gay kills more people than smoking? No wonder western civilisation is threatened. By gays.

Apparently homosexuals like to mock Christians too. Surely not.

Still, it's easy to be cynical about the Internets. And I always am. Easy, I mean.

But the trouble with being cynical is, although you're usually right, when you're wrong you're really wrong.

Which is just a roundabout way of saying: I'll be looking at this site closely. Even though it isn't. Easy I mean.


  1. *sudden desire to indulge in the "Sisters Saturday Night Mass."

    Save me, Kapi. Save me.

  2. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together these ladies...in hot lesbo strap-on action.

    We shall now slip on the Ring.

    Bring forth the Virgin!

    (What? You sure? Oh for pity's sake.)

    (Cough) Bring forth the Infomaniac!

    And now Sisters, LET THE DEFILEMENT BEGIN!