Nose Poison

“Living is abnormal.”
“The universe seems to me infinitely strange and foreign."
“Banality is a symptom of non-communication. Men hide behind their cliches.”
- Eugene Ionesco

I think "Rhinovirus" would be a great name for a techno band. The conjunction of the charging horned pachyderm of "Rhino" with the Latin word for "poison" with it's connections to computer technology, sabotage and chaos. Even though all it means is a cold in the nose.

Anyway, I've got one. No not a pachyderm, or a technoband - a headcold. Rhinoviruses (rhinovires? rhinovirii?) are indeed caused by viruses, not cold weather. My next-door neighbour - who happens to be a GP - tells me it's much more common to get colds when it's hot, so it should be called a "hot" instead of a "cold".

But having cold air in your nasal passages makes the symptoms (not the infection) worse.

So yes, I've got a hot.

How do people find me? I don't mean "what do they think of me?". I mean "By what mechanism do people locate me?". Answer: by these search terms.

poisoned toothbrush

sleeping on the phone

London Bomb Scare Oxford Circus December 4 2007

octave voice changer sing -karaoke, -spy

vinyl shop´s deutchland


beethoven mum and dad


"Joy Bang" actress

what rhymes with bugger

respect split

word rhyming with ignored

rhyme with pan

global variable in drool

"stop the cavalry" blogspot

Grey pride

Shit Blast out

repair tascam 4-track cassette

the world i want by kingone

Meghalt a szeretet

"henry VIII had two wives"

blogspot damon blows america

lemski noam

door +latch closed from outside mysterious death

pit and the pendulum gifs

"open channel d" +wav

what rhymes with relaxed

i'm just apoor boy

who invented the sandwich

professor Branestawm burglar catching machine

what rhymes with tedious

"humans have four nostrils"

shit blast

blow-up tommy gun

proteus cabinet illusion

But better than all that - someone had a compelling urge to have me computer translated into french. Mon dieu!

And as an extra added supplemental bonus:

kapitano - saw

El KaPiTaNo GuErNo is nineteen, German, and makes instrumental music for rappers to rap over. With the singer on YouTube, that makes three musicians called Kapitano on the net. And both the others make more music than I've been able to recently. Which isn't annoying at all - no not one bit.