Give a Little Love

“There are very honest people who do not think that they have had a bargain unless they have cheated a merchant”
- Anatole France

Christmas messages sent to my mobile:

* A very Merry Christmas and a smashing New year!

* Happy Christmas everyone from Bangladesh.

* Happy Christmas Buddy.

* Merry Christmas!

* I would like to fuck your mouth and give you a good rimming.

Under the heading of "Why didn't I think of that?", it turns out there's an easy way for me to be an english teacher without leaving the country. Or indeed teaching any english.

It seems anyone has the legal right to stay in the UK if they're a student for at least three hours a day, officially enrolled at a school. All the school has to do is rent some space, employ someone as "teacher", charge the "students" a nominal fee for enrollment, and keep fake records of attendance.

The school turns a profit, the immigrants are free to stay and work (and incidentally pick up some english), their employers get rich off them, and the state turns a blind eye because they need cheap labour.

Oh, and the immigrants are forced to keep a low profile, because at any time they could be "discovered" and repatriated to an even worse country.

Maybe that's why there are five language schools around here, but only two of them seem to have students.

Still, at least I know the school in Moscow is kosher. It's too badly organised to be suspect.

Six teachers fly out in January...but the school doesn't get its licence till April. In the interim there will be setting up of classrooms, library and (sigh) computer room - and training courses. Some of which the company runs in Turkey, or places dotted around Europe, but not in Russia.

I'm quite happy to get flown around for extra training, or hump tables up and down stairs, for the same wages and benefits as a qualified teacher. I generally like being in at the start of things - it means the operation has a chance of being designed from the ground up by people with brains and experience, instead of management consultants with neither.

A few more seasonal text messages:

* Hope you're having a lovely holiday season.

* How's your crimbo going mate? Overindulgence and festive fun I trust.

* Do you spit or swallow? I would love to fill your mouth with cum right after I've given you a good knobbing.

I should probably point out that I have no idea who sent the final message. Or several like it.


  1. Good Grief! You know everyone in Bangladesh? Having the entire population of Bangladesh send you Christmas greetings is like, well, like the entire population of Russia singing Happy Birthday down your phone! You have a fine blog. I'll keep reading.

  2. Does that txtr think you look like Hugh Laurie too? ;o) Perhaps you should quit giving out your mobile number out to strange men.