Trouble Getting It Up

I've made mp3s of selected songs from the party on Saturday - but I can't post them to the ftp site I use for such things, because I can't log in. Judging from the host site, they're having a few maintenance problems at the moment.

There's free file hosting services - rather a lot of them, in fact - so I'll have a browse through them for alternatives. Any recommendations from anyone?

I tried yahoo briefcase years ago, then decided to get an FTP site instead. Having tried it again...I think UKP12 a year is worth the ease of use and lack of restrictions. Or it would be if the FTP site was working.

I registered with KeepMyFile, gave it a file to upload...and my browser timed out waiting for it to begin. Colour me unimpressed.

The ability to queue several files for upload would be very good - if the uploading actually worked.

PutStuff doesn't have registration, and there's no way to delete files once uploaded - they're just automatically deleted if they're not downloaded for 30 days.

I thought it was going to timeout too, but no. It does however place a limit of 32 characters on filenames, and there's no way to retrieve file URLs if you lose them. I do like the name though.

Broomhosting looks similar.

Multiply looks interesting, even if it does try to double as a MySpace-style community. I may use it in future.

FreeFileHosting looks useful if (a) you need a few more services than simple hosting and (b) you have specific downloaders in mind.

I'm uploading to PutStuff at the moment. It's taking a long time on my currently slow connection.

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