15:42 Tuesday 21st August 2018

Today is Muslim Christmas. Specificlly, the bigger of the two Muslim Christmasses.

At least, that's how it was jovially defined to me this morning.

Eid Al-Athhar (Festival of the Sacrifice), also known as Big Eid, is the supposed anniversary of that time God told Abraham to kill his only son as a test of obedience, then at the last moment teleported a sheep into the son's place. This proving once again:

(1) Religion is for those who've internalised their victimhood, and

(2) Islam is just another sect of christianity. Which is just another sect of judaism. Which is a sect of zoroastrianism. Which no one knows much about because the jews, christians and muslims destroyed the evidence.

Little Eid is Eid Al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan and "Festival of Breaking the Fast". But I really want to translate it as "Breakfast Party".

If you're family on Big Eid, you put on your smartest clothes, exchange gifts, and spend time with family. And eat far too much. Yep, definitely like christmas.

But I'm not family, and neither are the other guests in the house, so we get to do...absolutely nothing all day. Festival of vegitating in front of the TV, dozing, and emailing family. And eating far too much.

We may be the lucky ones, as you're supposed to, in memory of Abraham, get a sheep from somewhere, cut it's throat, let all the blood drain out...and give the carcass to someone who <i>doesn't</i> have far too much to eat.

But, what what is it makes christmas special? The junk gifts in the shops, the terrible music in the shops, the terrible shows on TV? No, I think christmas is a special time simply because we agree to call it one.

Which is why I feel that today <i>is</i> special. But unless I'm here again for the next one, that one won't be. By which process, you can turn any day into a special day, and in result it will be genuinely special, so long as you and your circle agree to designate it as such in advance.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your time off. I like holidays--mostly for the food and festivities. I throw parties to make ordinary days into holidays, so I'll enjoy good food and the merrymaking and good company. But sometimes, I make my fave foods, crank up my fave tunes, and enjoy a party with me, myself, and I...