Crimes of the Near Future


  1. Awesome!!!

    I've listened to your music project a few times now, and I love it! I particularly like the chanting part that starts around the 2:39 mark. Very primitive and tribal fused with dance. I love it! If I were to make a bloody sacrifice to the pagan gods before I embark on the vicious vengeful warpath to annihilating my enemies, this music would be playing in the background. Also, I would put it on the playlist on my party jams, on heavy rotation.

    I also like the sci/fi (like Data from Star Trek) vibes in the beginning. Great job!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!

  2. Thank you very much!

    Music for serving the pagan gods...or music for declaring war on the gods. Worf said something like, "We killed all our gods - they were too much trouble."

    "Crimes" is a practice run for later planned works - a way to iron out mistakes. Though I'm not sure what direction to take for the next one - more slightly cheesy 80s synths, something downtempo, something less vocal?

    Anyway, very pleased you took the time to listen, and very glad you like it. Now comes the hard part of continuing, having started.