So I settle down for a midnight snack, and what do I find? A subtle clue that the mice are getting bolder.

See if you can spot it.

Coming this Friday, my new regular contribution to Television Studies.


  1. Did it eat your cookie and left that hole in the middle?

    Dude! Get a cat from the shelter! Or a good mousetrap! No poison--they'll just crawl off somewhere hard to reach and die, leaving a foul odor! And seal off all access points into your home and stop snacking in your room! Those disease carrying rats not only breed in large numbers, they also eat through expensive electronic and computer equipment and crap all over the place!

  2. Did it eat your cookie and left that hole in the middle?

    Oh no. I dunked the hole in my tea and saved it for last.

    Dude! Get a cat from the shelter!

    We've already got four dogs, all from breeds bred to catch mice. They...sometimes bark at a mouse if they see it, but don't go near.

    The site you link to is absolutely right - I just need to spend an entire day tidying up.

    I got a good look at one of them yesterday - bright eyes and quivering pink nose, cutely poking it's head out of a mars bar wrapper. Then...WHOOSH! Running a good eight feet into a hole in the wall, in matter of milliseconds.

  3. Yep, looks like it's time for a good clear-out.

    Meanwhile, use your superior brain and opposable thumbs to store your biscuits in mouse-proof containers.