Pet's Corner

My brother and his fiance have a new cat - which is also an old cat. It's a rescue cat named Mini, and here's her and Rosie, doing what cats and dogs do best.

Rosie's three days old, about seven inches long, and seems to get larger and fatter every time I see her. I suppose this means we're now a five-dog family.


  1. Awww! You win the "cutest blog post of the day" award. Kudos to your brother for taking in a rescue cat.

  2. It's a Tuxedo cat! That's great your brother and fiance got a shelter cat. Those animals just need a good home. And maybe you can borrow that kitty for pest control if those filthy mice try to come back and eat your cookies!

    I'm glad to see that the puppy is getting stronger and bigger. Good news all around!

  3. I love to watch cats sleeping but I start ooohing and awwing over them and wake them up.

    They're so irresistible!