Live...or Dead

I know my place.

First on tonight, an indie rock band playing for half an hour - or possibly (probably) more if they feel like it. Lead singer - the host of the party.

Then after a break, a trio of singers with an acoustic guitar. The kind of highly experienced and practiced consummate professionals who'll tell you they only do it for a bit of fun.

Then later, a hard rock outfit. There's always one act that plays an 'encore' set no matter what, and one act that spends twenty minutes doing a one minute soundcheck. I predict this will be both. But apparently they're very good.

And around eleven thirty, when everyone with families and commitments has already left, and everyone else is

Just me, a microphone, a bloodstrem full of alcohol breakdown products, and a laptop plugged into a guitar amp. The only act of the evening that doesn't involve guitars or other people.

Someone will be filming it all, for posterity and future blackmail.

And tomorrow...(and tomorrow...and tomorrow...)

Hangovers and promises to babysit a houseful of dogs permitting, I'll try to record a quick studio version of the set - just for you. Call it an EP.

Any suggestions for a title?


  1. Looks like they saved the best for last! People are a lot more relaxed and having a good time by the last set. Just imagine that everyone else is opening up for you!

    How about Toasted and Jam for your title?

    Have fun!

  2. The last act is ALWAYS the headline. I like 'Toasted & Jam' for a title, too. Or 'Toasted Kap'.

    Hope it went well! :) Looking forward to the download.