Dumb Contest - Winner!

We Have A Weiner!

But apart from that, we have a winner too!

So, after my night in the pub after a political meeting, we had nine stupid utterances, and four stupid utterers. And if that's not the word, it's close.

Your challenge was to match the quote to the dope - and win a slightly crap very cheap fabulous prize.

There were three entrants, and here they are, together with the answers.

[Pulls back the sparkly curtain to reveal answers]


Eroswings got 1 and Camy got 3. Thanks for playing along in our guessing game disguised as a real game guys - your guesses are appreciated. The two ladies Roses and Household Goddess very sensibly declined to play and gave us astonished WTF?s instead. which means our winner is...Aetheleadtheunred, with 4!

So here's who really said what:


(4) Most teachers think they have a right to sex with their students.

(7) Homosexuality was declassified as a mental disorder at the same time as a conservative government was in power, therefore conservatives don't hate gays.

History Student

(5) Politicians always try to do what's right, and aren't in it for the money.

(8) It's impossible to redistribute wealth because there's always a dictator at the top of the process.

Politics Student:

(1) Everyone who's rich deserves to be rich. Everyone who's poor deserves to be poor. Unless they're former rich people who lost it all - then they're just unlucky.

(2) There's no such thing as luck. Everyone has the same opportunities in life.

(3) To eradicate homophobia and racism, just wait 50 years - because history always goes from worse to better. It's a cast iron law.

(6) It's not wrong for someone to murder you if you're gay in Pakistan, because that's their culture. It's wrong in the UK because it's our culture.

(9) If Rupert Murdoch earns a million times as much as someone else, it's because he works a million times as hard. Literally.

From which we can conclude the following:

  • The politics student is the most fuckwitted of all, by far.

  • Socialists can cluck their tongues and wag their fingers along with the Daily Fail readers.

  • Socialists, in their love of nuance and detail, can completely miss the big picture.

  • Historians may or may not have sensible ideas about periods and countries they've studied, but where they haven't studied, they're just as confused and dim as everyone else.

    You might think learning about one period or country would cast light onto another, but not here. You might think people who learn about history might learn from history, but evidently not.

  • Being grossly ignorant, painfully stupid and willfully blind about politics doesn't prevent you from enrolling on a course in political studies. It just prevents you benefiting from it.

  • Educating idiots produces educated idiots. Mainly because the definition of an idiot isn't someone who can't understand, but someone determined not to try.

Which just leaves the question of the grand prize. Aethelread gets to chose the subject of my next post, which will be...an audio post! And as an extra added bonus, he gets to tell me which background music to use.

So come on Aethel, what's it going to be?


  1. Bum .... Shows what I know. In hindsight I should have gone with the blindfold and pin method.

    Still #preens# 3 isn't too shabby! :)

  2. 3 is not shabby at all - considering any of the remarks could have come from any of the people. When dealing with human confusion (or liquids), there's no limit.

  3. Congratulations Aetheleadtheunred!

    Damn! I knew I should've given more answers to that poli-sci fella!

  4. We Have A Weiner!

    I've been called worse... ;o)

    our winner is...Aetheleadtheunred, with 4!

    ...er, isn't it 6 (1,2,5,7,8 & 9 correct)? I know, i know, it doesn't make any difference, and how much of an egotistical wanker must i be to even bring it up? :o)

    I'd like to thank my agent, my mum and dad, Kapitano for giving me this great opporunity, and, of course, the other nominees...

    Also: fuck me, i won! I never win anything!

    Aethelread gets to chose the subject of my next post, which will be...an audio post! And as an extra added bonus, he gets to tell me which background music to use.

    So come on Aethel, what's it going to be?

    Ah. This is the tricky bit.

    Well, the background music thing is easy: i don't like background music, so my preference would be for none. I do like foreground music, though, so if you wanted to take musical breaks during the course of proceedings, that would suit me down to the ground. Especially if the music were your own compositions.

    As for a topic, well, i'll suggest a couple, and you pick whichever seems most interesting/ least dull/ slightly possible:

    1) A little talk about how you go about creating a song. Not so much the technical side - you cover that elsewhere, i know - but the creative processes you go through.

    2) A rundown of your musical influences/ interests: what you like about them, how they impact on what you do, etc, etc.

    3) A.N. Other topic of your own choosing. Basically, i'll be interested whatever you talk about. :o)

    eroswings - thank you. :o)

  5. Congrats to Aetheleadtheunred. Not only can he spot an idiot, he can even tell what breed of idiot it is. :-)

    Cheers to Camy and Eroswings too.

  6. Congrats to Aethelreadtheunread! Yay!

    Looking forward to your next post.

  7. Oooo...an audio post!

    Make him talk dirty, Aethel.