Bunking Off School

Another fifteen schools emailed with my CV - this time all in China.

So far only Hampson have got back to me. They telephoned...and said they'd call again. It seems they'll offer me anything to make me sign on for a year - except a decent salary.

China has language schools the way Britain has pubs, Bulgaria has drugstores and the Gaza Strip has craters. There are companies whose sole purpose is to mail out your CV to their list of schools. Payment is usually good - two to five times a living wage - but job security and employee protection is immensely variable.

The other main country where schools proliferate is South Korea.

Okay, Hampson did call again. Twice. Once from the owner's wife, and once from their only native English speaker. And that one was wierd. He answered my questions, sort of, in a perfunctory way - but honestly, the man sounded like he'd been drugged. Slow, dreamy, uninterested, with long pauses.

There's something rather wrong about that school. I sent them an email saying I couldn't work for them because their wages weren't enough for me to pay off my debts - which is even true.


The boss was supposed to wait six weeks before coming over here guide us with his, shall we say, scattershot style of leadership. This would give me enough time to arrange a job somewhere else in the world before resigning.

Now he's planning to come in three days. Or possibly tomorrow. Which means...I may have to tell quite a lot of lies. I could just walk out, fly back to England and find a job to fly out to from there - there's the funds, just about, but if I did that I'd arrive bankrupt. Flying from Bulgaria to (say) China is better.

Deal with that tomorrow, somehow. Now I'm going home. Home to...

A dog that won't stay still long enough for a photograph.

At least until she calms down.

Or goes to sleep.

And yes, Tania has promised me she'll find Wednesday a good family, whenever and wherever I go.


  1. Before you do anything, you should sit down with your boss and put your cards on the table. Who knows, perhaps he had a realistic grand plan that might actually be workable.

    Also, bear in mind that South Korea, or China - or anywhere else a long ways away - is a long ways away. ;) Not so easy to get home from.

    I'm glad Wednesday is all sorted out, should you go.


  2. This post requires a cuteness alert.