It's a little difficult to blog for a general audience about what you're doing, when what you're doing isn't what general audiences do.

I'm learning some more C++ and a bit of DSP - while rediscovering the tendency of experts to give either too much information or too little when teaching students.

Odd how they never consistently apply the notion of top-down design - teach the basics of each topic in turn, then go back to the beginning and show the more complicated details, then do it again for the really abstruse details and advanced techniques.

The best computer teacher I ever had at university (except he never professionally taught me) used exactly that technique. A lot of his students were indignant that he was openly teaching them partial truths to be filled in a corrected later.

We teach human languages like that - general first, specific later, approximate first, precise later - because it would be impossible to teach all the details in sequence. Imagine learning all about nouns - singular, proper, collective, mass, in apposition, adjectival in use etc - before getting any hint of what an adjective is.

But, computer languages are still mainly taught linearly. Odd how program design is top down and modular, but teaching of that design isn't.

Infomaniac will be pleased to hear I've had sex with three people in two days. And one of them was against a wall.

They do say, "Nothing for ages then three cum at once". My nipples are killing me.

Two possibilities. Either the number of extremely weird people, dementedly hatefilled religious nutcases, and truly mindgrindingly awful movies just happened to become enormous...at exactly the time the internet made it possible to fetishise them.

Or these horrors have always been there, but mercifully hidden until some twit at CERN invented the WWW.

Either way, The Internet Makes You Stupid.

I'm listening to a webcast from RadioG, which claims to be "the first Hungarian gay radio" station.

It's good that in most of the nominally democratic world, it's far easier to be happily out and gay than it was even a decade ago - though there's the irony that Iraq was pretty tolerant before pretend-democracy was introduced, and now isn't.

It's good that I can flirt with straight blokes and embarrass my more restrained gay friends - though the culture is such that if I wanted a boyfriend I'd have to be 15 years younger, 40 lbs lighter and 500 candela dimmer.

It's good that the Velvet Mafia has even less credibility as a conspiracy theory than the Elders of Zion - though it might be nice if every single resistance organisation in the world weren't reported as "associated with Al Quaida".

But...what is Hungarian gay culture? Judging by the music on the channel - admittedly not a deep or reliable source of information - it's the same as the gay culture right here.

The music is almost entirely in English, and most of it's familiar from trance and EBM stations from America. The website (in Hungarian) refers (in English) to the "Mr Gay Hungary 2007" competition.

I spent my teen years dreaming of a time when people like me weren't routinely scapegoated and vilified. I just hoped we wouldn't have to become as shallow as everyone else to get there.

We haven't won a victory, exactly. We've joined everyone else in accepting defeat.

Homo-genised, indeed.


  1. Having sex with a wall sounds extremely painful. No wonder your nipples hurt. As will your bottom if your parents chance across the blog ;)

    the culture is such that if I wanted a boyfriend I'd have to be 15 years younger, 40 lbs lighter and 500 candela dimmer.

    A time travelling, exercised and lobotomised Kapitano? Sounds deadly dull!

  2. And you can remove those alligator clamps now that you're at home.