It's that time again, when I have to reinstall Windows XP. I use this computer to test out new software before putting it on any others - that way I know which programs crash, install trojans or just don't do what I need before they go on any of the other computers. The system works, but it does mean this computer gets all the junk the others avoid.

So, before I wipe the slate clean again, here's a selection of search terms used by people to find this blog, paired with some intriguing pictures from other people's blogs.

sinnita nude

"had sex tonight"

modest chothing

guys4men horror story

intp sexuality


kevin trudeau dianetics

maja hi maja hu maja ha maja ha ha halo salut


the worzels wavs

backing track for blood sugar sex magik gcse

thompson twins

"there's nothing left to talk about"

And finally, my particular favourite. And amazingly I really did blog about it.
"reversing the effects of excessive masturbation, restore the balance of brain's acetylcholine / parasympathetic ratio"

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