Turk E-mail

21:28 Friday 6th July 2018

Yep, it's definitely bright makes me happy, and dim makes me sad. Unless it's life makes me sad, and bright makes me temporarily not sad any more.

But one thing which does make me happy is: I'm got a sim card, with internet. I've never had a phone data plan before - I was always just as connected as I wanted to be. But now, thanks to the kindness of my host, the patience of his family, and the helpfullness of the staff in the <i>third</i> phone shop we drove to in a boiling hot car on a sweltering day...I can chat about nothing by email on <i>my</i> scheduling.

And human relationships are built on chatting about nothing.


  1. And a lot of relationships are forged over food and having a common goal/enemy!

    Glad you got a great host family. It's nice to have people look out for you in a strange, unfamiliar setting.