10:43 Sunday 29th July 2018

Don't you just hate it when:

* There's someone you fancy the arse off.
* You also like them as a person.
* They make you smile with their silly sense of humour.
* The impressive bulge in their jeans doesn't hurt matters.
* They also like you as a person.
* You make them smile with your silly sense of humour.
* And it's a totally adorable smile.
* But they're less than half your age...
* You've got basic arabic and they've got basic english, but there's still a language barrier...
* They're completely oblivious to how you feel...
* Because they're a sheltered innocent...
* And their dad is a close friend of a close friend of yours.

Yeah. Last year Mustafa was my unrequited mid-life crisis. Looks like I've got one for this year. Ah well.


  1. All I can say is, it's tough when you can't control your feelings...

    Sometimes, you just like who you like with no rhyme or reason...

    Drink tea. I believe it's what British do in times of uncertainty and consternation.

  2. Ah well, being a tea drinking brit, not acting on feelings is the easy part.

    We can spend our whole lives not acting on feelings.

    Which does nothing to make them go away, or process them to enable you to handle them. Or indeed explsin them.

    Tonight, as we were working out sleeping arrangements, he offered to share a bed with me. And asked me to sit with him. And arranged his posture so we touched.

    So if it turns out he's not such an innocent ... a part of me will be moderately annoyed at being targeted by a flirt.

    And have a cup of tea.