Darqroom Composite

I was in a band.

In 2011, a local charity was trying to offer a counselling service to gay teenagers. And someone had the bright idea of a fundraiser gig in the student's union. For which they needed some amenable bands to play.

So someone asked someone else if they could quickly form a band to be ready in two weeks. And the someone else asked me to do the technical stuff involving synths, computers, composition etc. while they did the vocals and rock guitar and everything else that needed musical talent.

So, in two weeks we had seven songs...and another booking for another gig which was also short of anyone to play. Which we played. No one having mentioned that it was supposed to be an acoustic rock gig, and not a synthpop/goth thing like we were.

We played the fundraiser, severely messing up one of the songs - not that anyone noticed, as we were on last, by which time the audience were passed out from the bad cheap beer.

I'm not sure any charity-directed money was made, and the only other act I remember was a girl with a guitar who squeezed her 20 minute set of off-key ballads into 45 minutes.

Oh, there was a lesbian stand-up comedian, and a lady making leftish political speeches between acts, both performing to glassy-eyed silence.

So what am I to do four years later with with seven backing tracks and a load of short connecting soundbytes? How about: edit them down to instrumental synthpop doodles, arrange them in a row, and put them on youtube?

We were called Darqroom, and this is our composite.

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