Jump the Schach

Demonic face
Whirling Dervish with arms raised
A man's face with mutton-chops and red eyes
A symmetrical sand dune
Ice cream cones
Two animate statues with Easter Island heads dancing around a cauldron
A red bowtie
Two DJs mixing with spinning guitars in the background
Sasquatch seen from below
A beaver balanced on a bison skull
Two bald men asleep at opposite ends of an enormous bed
A bat
A kangaroo with an opening parachute
Mice burrowing under a fur rug
The RKO tower
A tiger skin rug
An insect with a long feeding tube
The spades card suit
Rabbits about to kiss
Broken razor blades
Red tigers stepping in puddles
A flying machine with square blue wings
A green mountain
Fighting orange unicorns
A row of red apples
Sunbathing turquoise elephants
Blue crabs each weilding a leaf
A vagina
A woman in a multi-coloured bikini and huge feather boa

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