I am now 43 years old.

That's about 300 in gay years.

And I think I made the same joke when I turned 42.

So, things I have learned so far this year:
  • Throwing away those boxes of things you've been keeping because they remind you of your childhood...isn't so difficult, and doesn't impair your ability to be nostalgic without them.

  • Mormons are polite, but Jehovah's Witnesses are friendly. Jehovah's Witnesses read the bible, but Mormons study it.

  • 25 years after screeching at me that I couldn't possibly be gay because she was too good a person to spawn a gay son, my mother has found the courage to say homophobia is dumb. At least when insane American preachers do it.

  • Fanatics thrive on being hated, but wither under contempt. Contempt is the opposite of deference.

  • It's possible to eat and enjoy vast quantities of healthy vegetables...if you don't mind being hungry again an hour later.

  • I like getting drunk. I just don't like being drunk.

  • That seven-speed prostate-stimulating vibrator that I got mainly because my mostly-straight friend-with-benefits has discovered he likes anal play. It's great fun.

  • If you wait for special occasions to do special things, you'll never do them.

  • Those classic movies that I kept meaning to watch because I had a vague feeling that they'd be good for me but not actually enjoyable. They're actually enjoyable.

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