Doctor Philia

What you think you want, what you think you ought to want, what you pretend to want, what you pretend to yourself you want, what you've been told you wantWhat you actually want
What you think you enjoy, what you think you ought to enjoy, what you pretend to enjoy, what you used to enjoy, what you've been told everyone enjoysWhat you actually enjoy

The secret to happiness: Figure out which things go in which box.

You want a relationship, then find you don't like it. You didn't want to go to that party, but you did like it. You want sex, but you wish you didn't. You want to get an education, but you don't want to study. You think you've been told you're a good and well-adjusted person if you love human company, but really you've just been told you must socialise.

Yes, it's complicated, but start small. Ask yourself what you do because you think you enjoy it, and then observe whether you really do.

No, I'm nowhere near finished sorting it all out for myself.

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