Plan B

I had a look at my contract today. It contained a few things I'd forgotten about.
  • I'm supposed to have 30 days off per year. Not that I need a holiday at the moment, seeing as how I have a grand total of three regular students. Plenty more signed up, but all disappeared after one or two lessons - usually when they were reminded that they hadn't paid yet.
  • I'm supposed to get a travel allowance. Not that I particularly need to go anywhere by taxi - hotel, work, supermarket, restaurants and computer hardware shop are all on one road.
  • The contract expires...erm, today. Which is a little bit unexpected. I thought I had another two months, and it does say I'm employed for 12 months from the day I sign my name on the dotted line. However it also says I get 12 months but not going past the 31st of August 2013. Which is
    (a) for no readily apparent reason,
    (b) a contradiction, and
    (c) a slightly strange way of turning a 12 month contract into a 10 month contract
So, the current plan is to:
  • Spend my day off packing
  • Stay for the final week of the month and teach the three students who've paid for a full month of tuition
  • Attempt to contact the boss, in the hope that this is one of the few times my phone works properly, and this is one of the few occasions his phone is both charged and switched on - and let him know
  • Remind him that one of the other things I'm contractually entitled to is a plane journey after termination of employment - in the hope that he might possibly honour that part of the contract
  • Take a plane (one way or another) to Riyadh
  • Get a decent job there where they actually pay me
  • Find accommodation
  • Spend rather a lot of time cuddling with B
I think it's quite a good plan. Especially the last part.

My work permit is good for another four months - renewable if things are going well. Who knows, my Arabian Adventure might turn out to be everything it was supposed to be, and more.

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