Stuck in Second Gear

I just spent an hour arguing with myself over whether I should delete this blog.

Or mothball it, or make it private for a time, or revert all the posts to draft form and repost the good ones.

The first version of this post began:

I started this blog eight years ago, and the theme was very simple: My life.

Well, it's taken eight years to discover that my life isn't very interesting. There's only so many aborted projects, bad relationships and philsophical speculations I can write about.

But then I thought: I can't suddenly give myself a life worth blogging about by melodramatically airbrushing out the life that, er, wasn't worth blogging about.

So, the patchy record of eight years of mostly not much...stays. Dramatic gestures are usually a substitute for action, not an impetus.

There's a few dozen not-quite-finished drafts that I could try to finish, and a couple of stalled short stories too. In a few days I'll be trying to start a new life - or at least a new phase of the old one - so with luck there'll be something to write about.


  1. Your life is far more interesting than mine dude! :)

    Very few people have truly interesting lives, including so-called celebrities who we are supposed to idolise.

    What you do have is an interesting prespective on the mundane. So keep blogging Kapitano because we are reading. :)

  2. I recognise the feeling of deep-seated ambivalence about the whole thing you describe. I think it affects most bloggers from time to time.

    But I find your blog interesting, so I'm glad you didn't delete it and I hope you keep writing it, if it's not too much of a pain for you. (I wouldn't want you to make yourself miserable doing it).

  3. I, for one, would miss you.

    Stick around if you can.

  4. Don't delete anything. You wrote them, and they are part of who and what you are. Also, your audience would pine, and you don't want that! ;)


  5. Okay, I'm still here, and still writing.

    Which means if I start turning out unreadable galactic conspiracy theories, or illiterate illucid new's your fault :-) !