3.14: Space Mix

The usual way to get over the loss of your youth is to try reliving it. I spent most of my youth making music. Or rather, musicalised sound.

Most of it hasn't survived, and most of what survived isn't very good, and most of the good stuff has terrible sound quality. Which leaves about 15 tracks of fairly listenable quality...that you'd actually want to listen to. Once, at any rate.

I've found the cassette dumps, digitised them, cleaned up the sound as much as I can...and now I'm going to post them.

I'd been messing around with primitive dubbing and drumming household objects with knitting needles since age 12, but it really started in 1988 at 16, when I cleaned out my junior bank account to buy a second hand four-track cassette recorder.

My very first project on it was a mix (or 'medley' if you're over 50) of sci-fi themes. Stand by for kitch.

Oh yes, I wasn't Kapitano back then. I'd tried being Pinc Noyz, but settled on 3.14 - on the grounds that it sounded computery and slighly gnomic, but instantly recognisable.

Except no one recognised it. Sigh.


  1. I like both Pinc Noyz and 3.14 as names. At least you had decent names should you have 'made it.'

    'Space Mix' should have had a beat going through it, but all things considered it's not bad at all.


  2. Thank you very much. I'm never sure whether my stuff is dark and strange, or knowingly kitch and not to be taken seriously, or somewhere between the two.

    This one's definitely at the non-serious end of the scale. The Jive Bunny of sci-fi themes.

    I've lined up another 15 at weekly intervals, during which who knows I might get to write something new.