The thing about having a good time can't blog about it.

Well, you can, but there's not much to say and it's not very interesting. Yesterday I spent most of the day lying in bed, stroking a snoozing dog, drinking endless cups of tea, vegging out to a Star Trek Animated Series marathon.

The day before it was eating too much pizza with an old friend, dissecting bolshevik politics of 1917. Before that it was a different old friend, chinese food and hegelian epistemology.

I'm waiting for the bureaucracy to clear to start a new job, and in the meantime...downloading porn, experimenting to find the exact number of seconds a microwave needs to make the perfect poached egg, correcting the theology of evangelical morons on youtube....

There are things that need to be done - learn some Python, hoover the bedroom, practice the guitar and...erm...having recorded 3 seasons of The Mentalist, actually get around to watching it.

Maybe tomorrow. I'm on holiday.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I spent the weekend watching Marvel movies and cartoons in preparation for a trip to the cinema for The Avengers.

    TARDISgirl who is too lazy to log in.

  2. My idea of a perfect day is a day with no plans.

  3. I always feel guilty if I achieve nothng in a day. We don't get to 'do-over' and life is too short.