The wonders of a mysterious bacteriological lymphatic infection. Something new every day.

Seven days ago it was a big bruise-like rash on the forehead. Then it was joined by a swollen lymphnode under the right ear, followed by swelling along the jaw.

Since then, all these have been gradually receding, but there have been days of stabbing earaches, and days of sudden headaches. I'm getting through the cocodamol at an impressive rate.

Today, there's a sore but unraised rash on the temple..and my right eye is swollen half shut.

I'm on 2000mg of penicillin a day, plus clotrimazole for the rashes and the usual triad of metformin, simvastatin and fibrazate for the presumably underlying diabetic condition.

Odd how you only notice your own body when it goes wrong.

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