Message from the Sick Bed

"Things just seem to keep cropping up don't they?"

Last week I was feeling vaguely ill. Yesterday I had a mysterious bruise-like lump on my forehead and a swollen lymphnode under one ear.

Today I've got a neat line of swelling down the right side of my head, and I'm living on penicillin and cocodomol for the constant ear- and head-aches.

The doctor says this is all due to my diabetes-weakened immune system. Which is due to too many cakes as a teenager.

So the message is clear. Instead of spending my youth snacking while studying all night, I should have been playing soccer and shagging, with the other boys.


  1. If it makes you feel any better you could have shagged like mad and still ended up needing penicillin.

    Hope you're soon back to full shagging strength. :)

  2. Oh dear. So sorry you're ill (not that it had anything to do with me, and those Russian spies with pointy umbrellas haven't been seen in a while).

    Ill is beastly - better is, umm, better. Honest. So do try to get better, dear boy, and then all will be well - or you will, anyway.

    And now I shall prove I'm not a robot.


  3. @TardisGirl: Shagging? Oh yes, I remember that.

    Is penicillin supposed to give you stomach cramps?

    @MJ: The way I'm feeling right now, you can have all the cake.

    It's strange feeling, being hungry while being faintly disguested by the thought of food.

    @Camy: I'm fairly sure no russians have prodded me on the bus recently.

    Any robot clever enough to post relevant content to blogs and recognise more sentient than most people who keep blogs.