Your Eyes are Getting Heavy...

Another tiny program of very specialised use: My Winamp Fader.

I don't know about you, but it helps me to get to sleep if there's noise in the background - rain, music, speech etc. Except the same noise tends to wake me up just as I'm drifting off.

So what I could use is a program to gradually turn the volume down on the computer's mp3 player...then after a minute's pause close the player and switch off the computer.

Download Winamp Fader
Download SMPlayer Fader

You enter the number of minutes (which doesn't have to be an interger or greater than one) between fade stages. There's 64 volume levels on Winamp, 25 on SMPlayer. You then click whether you want to closedown when it's finished.

I can't do a version for the VLC player, because that uses the mouse wheel as a volume control, and for some reason I can't automate that.

I could now try to use this to get to sleep - but after writing it I'm not sleepy anymore.


  1. What a very neat bit of kit! Sadly, my player of choice for everything is VLC, so I can't use it.

    Rain's nice to go to sleep with, but if I listen to anything else it'd be an audiobook (presently Wheel of Time). The trouble with going to sleep with earphones/buds/whatever, is rolling over and bollocksing the cable.

    Captcha: mebstri - a brand name for your fader.

  2. Nice to know we have the same habit of reading audiobooks in bed.

    Though mine at the moment are slightly less entertaining - the greatest hits of Marx and Lenin, at double tempo.

    If I feel like something lighter, there's the Escape Pod and Pseudopod podcasts - scifi and horror short stories, which if you haven't already discovered, I recommend.

    As for cable bollocksing, I did try bluetooth, but there seems to be no such thing as a comfortable bluetooth headset, let alone convenient earbuds.