Right, I'm going to Finland.

Not this precise moment of writing, but in about fourteen hours. Eight of which will probably be spent dithering about what to take in the hand luggage.

Luggage so far:
* 1 change of clothes - 1 teeshirt, 1 polo neck shirt, 1 pair of jeans (the one with only one bleach stain), 1 pair of thermal socks (ladies, large size), 1 woolly hat (with flames motif)

* 1 mp3 player + bent paperclip to push the reset button, headphones and 300 hours of talking books.

* Some boiled sweets to eat on the plane.

* Twenty five euros pocket money.

* 1 phone (to be used as alarm clock)

* 1 camera (to take pictures of snow, if I ever work out how to use the damn thing)

Two of the dogs are with our gayest friend, the other three are with someone who already has a house full of dogs, and the parrots...someone's coming in to feed them and do a bit of house sitting.

The neighbours have duplicate keys - which is apparently in case the house burns down. I don't quite understand that part. One of the laptops is set to record a dozen hours of TV and all the radio shows which might possibly be interesting while we're away.

So I'm all ready for a weekend away, incorporating some sightseeing, quality time with the family (hah), reindeer based cuisine...oh and a wedding too.

I'll bring you back a slice of wedding cake.


  1. You forgot sweaters - lots of sweaters ... and thermal underwear.

    Have a Brrrrilliant time!

    catpcha: ogicutsh - Finnish for frozen stranger. ;)

  2. Thank you. The thermals will be transported on me. Together with the thick coat and, erm, boots.

    And I should get back just in time for...FAWM! (Again).

  3. Thanks for the cake. I'll have your slice too. You know... 'cause you're on a diet. :P

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple and commiserations to Kapitano, unwilling traveller.