Old and New

I'm now 39.

Or to put it another way, "Oh my shitting christ I'm nearly 40 and that's like totally middle aged which is the same as old really and I don't want to be a tedious old fart because there's still lots of stuff I want to do and anyway how the hell did I get that age anyway 'cos it's like yesterday I was 20 and apart from creakinger joints I still feel that age on the inside you know?"

So yes, it's my birthday, and yes, there is cake. Or rather there was cake and soon there will be more cake. Moar Caek.

After which, there will be no cake again for a very long time, nor chocolate or ice cream. But there will be cardiovascular exercise and hopefully an air of unbearable smugness as I approach my fortieth aniversary steadily getting thinner. And less out of breath when I climb the stairs.

There's other things to do too, but a lot of them kind of depend on that.


  1. Happy birthday, Kapi!

    Did someone mention cake?

  2. Well I'm not sure saying Happy Birthday would be welcomed but best wishes on your diet and I promise not to look if you sneak in another cake every now and then.

  3. Did you just call me a tedious old fart?
    Let me tell you, young man, I lost ninety pounds when I was eighteen. I never stopped enjoying cake and doughnuts, I just stopped eating them; I would stand over the sink or the trash can and rub them all over my arms, violently at times...
    I didn't avoid them, I just showed them who's boss.
    Happy thirty-nine, and enjoy your cake!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kapitano! Hope you're having a good one.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    40 is young, sweetie. But that's all I'm saying on the subject.

  6. 39 is the new 29. do something ridiculous and blame it on your age. like maybe insulting all people older than 39 - that's the stuff!

  7. Youngster ... happy birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday!

    I recommend having an air of unbearable smugness no matter what the numbers on the scale say.

  9. Happy birthday Kapi!

    I know the feeling. I'm turning 33 this year. How did that happen? I thought I was at least a year younger and preferably 29.

    Good luck with the mission. I've lost my way on mine but slowly trying to get back on track. Just don't mention the cake I had earlier to anyone.

  10. Happy birthday, Kapi!

    I don't think birthday calories count if one is counting?

    Jinkies, 'Petra! You've just revealed your real age!