Over the last two days I've watched thirteen episodes of Countdown with Keith Olbermann1. Seven of them consecutive. And I've picked up a few things along the way, about American politics. So if the subject doesn't excite you in hidden places, skip.

  • Ann Coulter's reflexive contrarianism is now so boring, even those who reflexively rebut her...can't be bothered any more.

  • Sean Hannity is on similar autopilot.

  • Rush Limbaugh is really, really needy. He's got nothing to say anymore beyond "There's no problem" (about the environment, the economy, the war and the Republican party) and "I was right" (about everything) - but is desperate for unquestioning disciples.

  • Micheal Steele (Republican National Committee Chair) is a loose cannon. He's one of those people who has half an idea and rushes to tell the press, before thinking it through, or discussing it with his own people.

  • Newt Gingrich has become the same but with brains.

  • Dick Cheney is two people. Cheney1 controlled Bush like a ventriloquist, juggled a dozen agencies to get the culture he wanted, and is a very smart, subtle operator. Cheny2 is a very stupid, unsubtle operator. He goes on TV, telling the world just what he did, which laws he broke, which principles he violated...and how he was morally right to do it. But not why.

  • The CIA can't even keep accurate records of which lies they told to who and when.

  • The Democrats are spineless. They talk a good fight about liberty and justice, but you've only got to suggest a vague potential threat to "national security", and they do exactly what you want.

  • The Republicans are split between the lunatics (Texas seccionists, teabaggers, those who think the Democrats are "socialists") and reformers (like Colin Powell(!)) who think two viable parties is kind of the minimum for a functioning democracy.

  • Sarah Palin really does think she could be president in 2012, and she's pissing off her own core support campaigning for it now - neglecting her real job and being a prima donna.

  • Bill O'Reilly is the Worst Person in the World.

  • Omaba is...difficult to get a handle on.

  • Oh, there's one other thing. It's often said that the best political commentators are comedians. I suspect it's more complicated - political commentators disguise their commentary as comedy so people'll listen. The right wing for some reason still haven't produced a commentator-comedian who's only funny when they intend to be.

    1If you feel like a view of Olbermann without the propaganda bias of the liberal media elite, try Conservapedia and Olbermanwatch. And stop laughing, it's ungodly.


    1. It’s been said that you get the kind of government you deserve. Well, whatever I did.... I’M SORRY!!! Now can we please have government of the people, for the people and by the people?

      I don’ watch Olbermann much, but I like him. Of course, this is merely a knee-jerk reaction to my parents’ hatred of him and their adoration of Bill O’Reilly.

    2. I could have sworn I did a post on this before but I've watched Olberman and Maddow on MSNBC and I can't stand their punditry. (Disclaimer: I'm on the other side of political spectrum). I suppose MSNBC's decision to "Go Liberal" in response to Fox News seems to be working. They beat out CNN in rating recently. However, they are still way behind Fox.

      I like Rush Limbaugh and I disagree with the idea that he's saying there's no problem. In fact he's in hysterics at just how much of a problem Obama is and the policy objectives he's putting forward and how much of mess the Republicans are in because they aren't stepping up to the plate. And with a number one audience for radio talk, I doubt he's looking for more dittoheads. Well, I take that back--he is on a quest to make everyone (minus one) a dittohead.

      The Republicans mentioned also is not just split between the "lunatics" and the "reformers". What makes up the Republican party is far more varied than anyone (even the Republicans themselves) would like to admit.

      I don't know what your point is exactly about the two party system, but it's the only model that works here due to single member districts, winner-takes all, relative independence from party goals, and a hostile system to emerging third parties. For the foreseeable future, the two party system is here to stay.

    3. Well, my own disclaimer is that, as I said, I'd been watching Olberman's take on events for a few days, not soaking myself in all viewpoints for years. My post was about what I'd gathered about Olberman's view.

      Whether Limbaugh has the No.1 show or the No.1000 show tells us something about the popularity of his ideas (or the popularity of the way he expresses them), but nothing about whether these ideas make sense. Popularity level doesn't indicate truth level, and a true idea believed by only one person doesn't thereby cease to be true.

      You've heard more Limbaugh than I have, but I've distinctly heard him state there is no major problem with the economy, whatever problem there may be is caused by Obama's policies, and all America needs to do to thrive is return to Bush's policies. You'll already have heard the counter arguments.

      As regards the republican "split", yes of course there's a wide range and a varied mix of viewpoints, but there is (IMO) a disproportiontely powerful lunatic wing. For example, the Texas seccionists who seem to think they can save America by leaving it, but haven't thought through the economic consequences of doing so.

      The seccionists are anti-tax, but as a seperate country their tax levels would have to rocket to provide basic amenities, plus their own army, government etc.

      About the two party system, if the lunatic wing of the republican party controls the party, and the public continues to reject the politics of Perry, Steele, Cheney etc, then the democratics become the only viable party. And that would be effectively a one party system.

    4. Luv Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. The Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert are even funnier in presenting political hypocrisy and silliness!

      So far, I'm happy with Obama's progress! I'm happy with my vote!