Who Da Man?

Apparently I got to know someone called Carlos about a year ago. We chatted - online or in person - and exchanged emails, and I even got to know him well enough to tell him my name.

I have absolutely no recollection of any of this. I didn't blog about it, and don't have any emails from him.

Now, Carlos wants to meet up (again?), at the weekend. He's sent me some texts to arrange it.

Did I have sex with this person? Did we discuss music, or politics? Did we meet online, through friends or by accident. or what?

There was a fellow called Carlos I met in about 2000. He was an electrical engineering student, a pretty good trance music producer, Greek and devastatingly good looking in that dark Mediterranean way. Straight and engaged, inevitably.

He'd found some of my early music on MP3.com (back when the site was still worth having), liked it and sent an appreciative email. We met once and talked philosophy and politics - then he just disappeared. It couldn't be him - I didn't have a mobile phone then.

There was someone last march, whose name I can't recall at all. An enthusiastic participant in amateur dramatics - he played the villain in "James and the Giant Peach" and couldn't see why anyone would want to stage a Beckett play. We had okay sex until I unexpectedly started to bleed from a shaving cut - which killed his enthusiasm rather quickly.

We might have exchanged numbers, but I can't imagine it's him.

There was an asian male nurse, but he called himself Jeff. There was a married guy on the Isle of Wight who really just wanted someone to talk to, but he was "Steve" (real name unknown). There was an architect who moved to Oxford with his (apparently wonderful) new boyfriend, but he actually was Steve.

There was someone who bore a suspicious resemblance to Peter Stringfellow - and I played an accidental role in breaking up his marriage. His harridan of a wife "found" the logs of his MSN chats with various men, presumably while dusting his computer, and grounded him.

He found ways meet men anyway, and she divorced him. he told me he'd only stayed with her for the sake of their son.

There was one man who more-or-less fits the description, who I quite liked for about half an hour on MSN Messenger, before he started getting bossy. It turned out he was a nouveau riche type with a luxury apartment and trouble keeping friends. We did arrange to meet in a cafe, but he stood me up.

This one seems...the least unlikely candidate.

And I have no desire at all to meet him.


  1. Could this be called «playlist»?...

  2. I sometimes assume the name of Carlos. Is it me?

    Look into his angel eyes. One look and you're hypnotised.

  3. You just take care. Seriously.

    ... hmm. wasn't Carlos the baddy in 'Day of the Jackal'?