Diary of Wasted Time

Today I was supposed to spend the morning receiving hot tips on the job market, and the afternoon being intensively interviewed to find the right kind of job for me. What happened instead was...absolutely nothing at all.

In the morning we sat in a hot classroom waiting for something to happen, and in the afternoon we sat in a different hot classroom waiting for something to happen. Apparently this is because one member of staff was away on a course, and none of the others had time to see to us.

I took the opportunity to read Thomas Paine's "Common Sense". It always pays to carry a book around in your bag.

By lunchtime, having absorbed Mr Paine's remarkably simple and cogent arguments against the monarchy, and having nothing else to do, I took a computerised test to find out what kind of careers I'm suited for. It said I should be an IT teacher, computer programmer, or...metallurgist.

I got so bored I even applied for a few jobs. CDG, the people running the course, have a vacancy for an "Area Support Tutor". I don't know what that is, but I've sent them the CV they helped me write a month ago. I wonder if they'll give me a reference?

Having replaced my laptop's hard drive, the keyboard is now dying. Seven of the keys just don't work, and integrated keyboards are generally neither fixable nor replaceable. I might get a USB keyboard, but the USB ports are getting unreliable too.

Some products are designed with built-in obsolescence. Others just fall apart. Much like government schemes.

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  1. I admit that I don't know your qualifications but I would have imagined that comp tech and such would be in high demand.

    Somewhere deep inside, I wish I lived in a national-socialist state (no snide comments about my current gov't, please) where I am told where I will be working and what I will be doing.