Double the Trouble

I have now done two 24 hour fasts, alternating with days of normal eating. And I can tell you a few things:

* It's remarkably easy to not eat for 24 hours.

* It's remarkably hard to not overindulge when not on fast days.

* Fasting really does make you feel better.

* Overindulging really does make you feel awful.

* What I said about 48 hour fasts...may not have been accurate.

So, starting at midnight, a further modification of my experiment:

* Zero calorie intake for 24 hours

* Then if I feel up to it, another 12 hours

* Then if I feel up to it, another 12 hours.

* After the 24/36/48 hours, a gentle reintroduction of calories.

* There's a big bar of chocolate waiting at the end...if I feel like it.

1 comment:

  1. I am very interested in your findings! Just don't overdo it. I'm sure you'll find the right balance! Eat if you have a busy day with lots of stuff to do! And that includes shopping for groceries! Don't ever buy groceries on an empty stomach--leads to overspending and overeating.

    I hope you enjoyed the candy bar!